martedì 29 gennaio 2008

Field Day

Lo scorso fine settimana siamo tornati alle nostre esplorazioni vespistiche nella campagna circostante. Basta poco, un bivio mai imboccato, una strada bianca e di podere in podere perdersi tra gli infiniti campi di spinaci che in questa stagione sono in pieno sviluppo. Ne sono stati seminati cosi' tanti che persino i bordi ed il centro della strada sono coperti di spinaci. E la tentazione di fermarsi e riempire una borsa e' forte, sebbene ci siamo solo messi a scattare qualche foto.
Sta lentamente tornando la stagione perfetta per girare in Vespa, quella in cui si possono togliere i sovrapantaloni e rientrare un po' piu' tardi senza sentire troppo l'umidita'.
Nel frattempo, godetevi anche voi gli spinaci: in questo periodo sono ottimi!
Last weekend we went back exploring by Vespa the neighbouring countryside. It's easy, a never ridden white gravel road and you get lost between infinite spinaches fields which are now full grown. They sew so many of them that the sides and the middle of the road is fully covered by spinaches. And the wish for a stop to fill a bag is strong, though we only shot some pictures.
The perfect season for riding is returning, we'll be able to take off our overpants and go home a little later without suffering too much the wet weather.
In the meantime, enjoy spinaches as well: they're yummy now!

3 commenti:

  1. Nice photo and music. Have to get a CD of her music. Your pictures are beautiful. Really like the black and white. Hope you get many more rides like that soon. The countryside is so special in Italy.

  2. Ale, I'm so glad that you're getting out and taking photos again. Yeah, it's the weather that gives the green or red. Speaking of's spinach season now? I'll have to see if there's something like la Sagra or Festa degli Spinaci... ;-)

  3. H&F: Katie Melua is definitely lovely. And I don't mean it's *she* to be lovely, though she is indeed, but it's her work to be delicious. She uses her voice tenderly without annoying, that's it. Her version of this Canned Heat classic is particular and, as I re-started riding after a pause due to rainy weather and other problems, it seemed just the right opening track for the blog!
    Your dear comments are always welcome here, thanks a lot!
    Now that you fixed the chirping sound, it must be a pleasure to ride there in sunny Florida... we're just waiting for spring, but I think it's not far.
    Rowena: About spinaches, season is just starting, it's not uncommon to see some Sagra or Fiera, even though here artichokes rule (there's a nice sagra for them) and they're starting to appear as well. Dunno there in the deep north...