lunedì 7 gennaio 2008

cos'altro poi? - what's next?

Una gomma a terra. Va bene, era finita e la dovevo far cambiare, ma doveva rompersi proprio durante un sorpasso???
Ora spero che l'officina la recuperi e trovi il tempo di cambiarla, almeno domani posso usarla di nuovo.
Sabato piovera', dicono le previsioni.
Cos'altro poi?
A flat tire. Ok, it was worn and I should have had it changed, but was it due to rip apart during an overtake?
Now I hope that the mechanics will recovery it and find the time to change the tire, at least tomorrow I'm riding it again.
Saturday it's gonna rain, says the forecast.
What's next?

2 commenti:

  1. I'm glad that you (and the Vespa) are okay. I hope Saturday is shining sun. Rainy days are good only for shopping, which surprisingly, I am sick of! You've seen the signs... Saldi! Saldi! Saldi!!! ;-)

  2. oh yeah.
    the Bug has already been repaired, I'm gonna ride it sooner than expected.
    I also repaired by myself my camera and soon you'll see more new pictures!
    sorry to say,forecasts predicted heavy rain for saturday... but Im leaving for my GF's home by train,so why worry?:-)