venerdì 14 marzo 2008

giornate di pioggia - rainy days

In questo periodo le giornate di pioggia sono piuttosto frequenti. Che fare? prendere la Vespa lo stesso oppure andare in auto?
Talvolta la tentazione e' forte, ed avere un abbigliamento a tenuta d'acqua da' un certo senso di sicurezza. Non e' comunque possibile quando oltre a me stesso l'Insetto deve trasportare anche documenti, tavole ed attrezzatura da rilievo...
During this season rainy days are much more frequent.
What am I supposed to do? Should I ride to work or drive my car?
Sometimes it's something you can't resist and if you have a weatherproof jacket and overpants you just feel at ease. It's impossible, though, if my Bug has to carry, other than me, documents, plans and measuring tools...

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2 commenti:

  1. Ah the choices one must make. This passion we have for riding seems to only be burdened by our need to earn a living.

    Ride Safe


  2. whenever I'm off from work and weather gets bad, I strangely miss my job, or the short ride to get there...
    that's ironic, ain't it?