giovedì 19 marzo 2009

Luci - Lights

Non ne posso piu'. Ogni volta c'e' qualcuno che mi pianta gli abbaglianti in faccia, per farmi abbassare le luci. Peccato che io abbia gia' gli anabbaglianti, e mi aspetto che quando alzo i fari a mia volta per far loro capire che il problema e' tutto loro, esplodano in mille pezzi, come se il pollice sinistro avesse premuto sul pulsante del laser.
Il problema si divide in due punti: il primo e' che la mia Vespa ha il faro al manubrio, che significa all'altezza della faccia dell'automobilista medio. Lui non se lo aspetta e crede che le luci siano alte. Non sono alte, sono loro che sono bassi. Io non posso spostare il faro sul parafango; il secondo punto e' che il novanta per cento degli stramaledetti automobilisti non pulisce il parabrezza. Mai. E lo strato di sporco a cui la loro vista si e' ormai abituata quando incontra il fascio di luce della Vespa lo rifrange su tutto il vetro, abbagliandoli. Io pulisco molto spesso la visiera del casco, non per diligenza ma perche' quando guido voglio vedere dove vado. Come mai gli automobilisti non lo fanno? O meglio, come mai lo fanno solo quando sono dietro di loro senza guardare nello specchietto e inondandomi di liquido tergicristalli?
I'm over. Everywhere someone shoots me with full beams, to make me dim mine. It's a pity I already have dipped headlights on, and I expect that when I rise mine to let them understand that the problem is theirs, they explode in shards as if my left thumb pressed the laser button.
The problem has two points: the first is that my Vespa has a handlebar light, that means at the face height of the average driver. He doesnt' expect that and believes I have full beam on. It's not full beam, it's them to be low. I can't move my headlight on the front fender; the second point is that ninety-per-cent of the damned car drivers never clean their windshields. Never. And the layer of dirt which their sight has accustomed to, refracts my Vespa's light beam above the entire surface of the windshield when they meet, dazzling them. I often clean my helmet's visor, not because I'm clever but because I wanna see where I'm going when I ride. Why the car drivers don't do that? Better, why do they clean their windshield without looking into the rear-view mirror only when I am behind them, flooding me with screen wash?

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  1. Perhaps you still look muddy from your last post on flooding! These nice people are trying to help you clean up.

    I learned long ago that idiots are going to do what idiots do. All we can do is keep ourself safe while around them. As frustrating and annoying as it is. Anything more makes one insane. Although I really hate to think about what it's saying as regards the human race these days.

    Take care, Sir!

  2. Normally, -on an LX- you can change the height of the beam. Maybe you can try to adjust that a little bit lower?

  3. Dan: you're kiddin' me, eheheh. Hard to deal with drivers. ouff...

    Kristof: I know that, but I checked by myself and also asked the mechanics at the time of its last check-up and it seems the regulation is perfect. It's just that my front light is at their faces height and they're not accustomed to that. When you're a twwo wheels rider you'd better be clearly seen, as you risk a lot more and they're not paying attention at all. I won't sacrifice my chance to dodge a dog, a squirrel or even a boar (a lot here) or a badger (European mammal) when riding at night just because they ain't going to CLEAN their windshield.

  4. Ciao Ale! Come va?
    Belissimo Blog!

    I am an LXV 125 owner, and I love Italy (my mother-in-law lives in Lucca, and my ancestors are from the Veneto). It's a pity I don't speak much Italian, but "capisco un po" :-D

    Reading this post about the headlight, I believe you could help me in a thread that I opened in the Modern Vespa forum, about my LXV headlight.

    Grazie mile!

    If you can, please help me out!